Developer Update | September 2018 Update | Overwatch



We have a plethora of updates to share with you including a Torbjörn rework, hero updates, and a seasonal event announcement!

ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Use of Tobacco, Violence.

00:18 – The Torbjörn rework is coming to the PTR!
00:30 – Armor Packs and the scrap system have been replaced with…
00:47 – …a new ability: Overload!
01:15 – Molten Core now fires 10 molten globules that create damage pools where they land
02:00 – Turrets now attack your marked target, can be thrown, and automatically deploys!
03:05 – Orisa, Soldier: 76, McCree, and Pharah hero updates planned for 1.29
04:03 – Introducing more robust colorblind options
05:19 – Halloween Terror returns from the grave!
06:39 – Our focus has shifted to hero balance and quality of life changes
07:55 – We apologize…an upcoming social feature promised for 2018 has been delayed to next year
09:40 – Please share your feedback and thank you so much for playing Overwatch!

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Published on Sep 21, 2018